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With over 25+ years in neon art making and sculptural fabrication, Kraft Studio has been responsible for successfully mounting and installing commercial and residential work in the DC Metro area, nationally, as well as internationally. The studio has capabilities in model making, rendering graphics and delivering creative solutions for large and small scale projects for interiors and exterior facades.

NoMA Proposal, Washington D.C.

My proposal will create a light-filled passageway generated by vibrant LED wall washes and the mesmerizing glow of neon. These light elements will capture, highlight and expand on the meaning and perception of this industrial site. Seamlessly integrated into this light tunnel will be a dynamic site generated, motion activated, sound installation.


Bethesda Metro Station Proposal, Bethesda, MD

“Scrambled Light” will be an innovative and playful public art piece that will be created with the intention to highlight the unique location and community. the public will be invited to help with the drawings for individual random neon tubes used in the final artwork. My public artworks resonate in the collective memory, particularly “Vivace” at the Watha T. Daniel Library in Shaw, which became a community gathering place and marker. This new proposed piece for the Purple Line Project will have an even greater impact on the viewers. Its message is in the overlapping intensity of form and color, scrambling the light in such a way that creates surprising and unpredictable combinations. It has focal points of clarity and yet its overall meaning will be illusive, drawing the viewer in to interpret the work.

Purple Line Presentation Board 1
Craig Kraft - Purple Line Presentation I

Rendering Portfolio

The following images are graphic renderings of proposals Kraft has made to private collectors and public art projects. This is the first step Kraft takes before his ideas go into production. 

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